Friday, September 23, 2011

Raging Thunder 2 apk

Developer : Polarbit


Raging Thunder 2 Market Link

You can download Raging Thunder apk v1.0.0 for free here


Android News said...

whether it can run smoothly on samsung spica?

ridhaaaaaaaaaazis said...

@Android News
i didn't test on spica, i think it can run smoothly like on my Xperia X8

Raging Thunder 2 said...

Works amazingly good on my x8 2.1 rooted!! Amazing graphics and gameplay but needs new maps were getting bored of the tracks now :-) top game tho2buy!

Raging Thunder 2.0 .apk said...

Nice graphics, arcade style game play, controls can be squirrelly, developer seems more trust worthy then EA & Gameloft.

Download Raging Thunder 2 for Android phones said...


ramadi said...

makasihh om game Raging Thunder 2 nya ..

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