Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GOTO Lockscreen

Developer :  InnoWeb Tech LLC


GOTO is the ultimate Android lock screen. Fast. Elegant. Uniquely Android.
A Lockscreen That Shows You More Than Ever! (unread text messages, Gmail, and missed phone calls)
You can kiss the lock screen information hunt goodbye. GOTO lockscreen takes the Android experience one step further by putting your missed calls, text messages, Gmail messages (email), and local weather all on your lockscreen. All your unread text messages, unread Gmail, and missed calls are visible at a glance when you turn on your phone. All on your lock screen.
Get a Quick Lock Screen Snapshot of Your Inboxes and Missed Calls with GOTO lockscreen
The GOTO lockscreen displays the number of new SMS messages over the text message icon and unread email over the Gmail inbox icon. Preview your missed calls by sliding over the missed call icon and jump right to the call log. When you move the slider over an icon, you get a preview and decide if you want to jump to the app to see more. Returning a missed call is just as easy. Now your lockscreen is your dashboard, eliminating one more step between you and the information you depend on.
Top 5 Lockscreen Features:
• Save time with notification previews right on your lockscreen
• Jump to your Gmail and text messages (SMS)
• Quickly return missed calls with the call log shortcut
• Customize your lock screen background and other lockscreen settings
• Use the secure lock screen unlock feature
GOTO lockscreen is actively developed and updated regularly based on your feedback. We read comments posted here but don't have the ability to respond so we created a community support forum for GOTO lockscreen here:
Please visit the support forum for questions, lock screen suggestions, or to report issues with GOTO lock screen and we'll respond promptly.
Unlock the potential of your lock screen with GOTO lockscreen:
Our lock screen supports several popular apps:
Text Messaging:
Dialers or Call Logs:
Dialer One



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